ZESTOS Benefits

Removal of corrosive O2 & CO2

Reduces thermal shock

Hotter feedwater saves energy

Reduces metal smell & Treatment

Better protects the boiler

Reduces downtime & Capital expens


0~5 times

Up to 212˚F feed water


Regular tank

50~150 times more corrosive



Dissolved O2 & CO2 in feedwater
will cause serious corrosion damage.

Based on Recommended Dissolved O2
0.05PPM under 150 PSI Steam Boiler

ZESTOS Boiler Feedwater System

1. Dramatically extend the life of the boiler. eliminating O2 and CO2 dissolved in water, blowing it away. 2. The boiler will be stronger. Feed-water is supplied by boiling. 3. Withstands Grundfos multi-stage pumps and up to 248°F Pump up strongly. 4. Microchips finely control water. Prevents wasting water. 5. Zestos made for the planet. They reuse the energy returned from the steam trap. This also helps extending the life of the boiler, thus helping you save the cost of purchasing a new boiler. This eco-friendly system will help preserving the environment for future generations.

Steam Boiler Return Tank

1. O2 and CO2 dissolved in feedwater could cause serious corrosion damage to the boiler. 2. Their use of float valve could fail frequently, and could cause unnecessary water waste. 3. Their feeding tank could get hot, and could make feedwater difficult to pump. 4. Most of their heat energy could leak through the vent, leading to higher energy costs.

Summary: Patented US10364979B2

An apparatus and method for recovery of waste heat in a boiler system, wherein heat from the low pressure steam in a feed water tank, which otherwise would be lost through dissipation, is used for other applications. Particularly, waste heat energy recovered in the form of low pressure steam can be used to heat make-up water for the boiler system.

The world has changed in so many ways since Grundfos invented the world’s first
vertical multistage centrifugal inline pump back in 1972. But our drive to keep
moving the limits of the possible for our customers has always remained the same.


The Zestos boiler water feed tank was the best investment I ever made.

It displays the water temperature, and has a high performing pump.

The motor runs well and has been helping me save gas and water.


Zestos Tank I installed about a year ago and I am glad I did it runs my boilers very efficiently and I always have steam at high volumes and very energy efficient which brought down my utility cost also.


I'm the manager at Dry Clean X Press and after instaling the return tank from ZESTOS I don't have the recuring problems from my boilerblime befor and everything is running smoothly. This has been a great investment and we are very satisfied.


We are Modu food Service located in Vernon and recently, we’ve purchased and installed ZESTOS feed tank. With their advice we’ve also replaced our boiler with two smaller ones that provided enough steam for our needs, which saved us a lot on energy bill. So far our boilers run smoothly and very efficiently without any issue. Consulting/estimation/installation all went without an issue and we are very satisfied with the investment.


What nationalboard Say - FeedWater GuidelLnes

Oxygen in the presence of water cooler than 212°F can cause a
serious destructive activity called oxygen corrosion. The amount of oxygen absorbed
in water is proportional to temperature and pressure